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Q: What is a public pact vs a private pact? 

A private pact behaves similarly to a group text message. Only those in that specific pact can see the activity, comment, or react. So no, your grandmother who just signed up, won't be able to see you and your pact mates "polite" back and forth.

A public pact is visible to anyone on fitness pact. The posts will appear in the community feed. Anyone can react to posts on the community feed, however only people actually in that pact will have the ability to comment back and forth on a post found here.

Q: What if I want to select two different forms of exercise? 

The app is really just a tool that you can use how you want. If you like to mix it up, you can be broad and select general exercise. Or establish some rules with your pact crew that you don't have to strictly stick to what exercise you pick. This can be handy for instance if you are traveling for work and you selected cycling. Maybe you just go for a run and count that.

Q: When do pacts start and end? 

Pacts and sprints always start on Monday at midnight and end Sunday at midnight based on the time zone of whoever created the pact when and where they created it.

Q: Why can't I make a pact last longer than 12 weeks? 

Studies show that it takes 67 days to form a habit. So we wanted to ensure you could get hooked on your new exercise kick. However, we didn't want a sense of a never-ending battle. So pacts must end, and therefore you get that sense of accomplishment of completing one successfully.....or not so successfully. Fret not though, you can simply duplicate it once it ends and start anew!

Q: Can I be in more than one pact? 

Absolutely. Be careful though, that's raising the stakes. If you structure the multiple pacts you are in the same, then if you complete one, you complete all. Unfortunately at this point you cannot just post once and it registers in all your pacts. You have to post individually in each. More to come though on that front.