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Fun Accountability

Here's a fitness fact: when it comes to achieving goals, going solo is like digging your own fitness grave. Partner up, and you're 65% more likely to hit the target; throw in regular check-ins, and that number skyrockets to a sinister 95%.

Fitness Pack gives you the tools to hold each other accountable, regardless of what exercise you’re doing or what corner of the world you’re in. You do you, as long as you DO you.

More Motivation

90% of people quit after 3 months of hitting the gym, Fitness Pact challenges you to be the exception. Create a pact with another person, or an entire group of friends. Nothing will keep you going like joining forces with others.

Pick a longer duration to make sure the habit sticks. You’ll also get a chance to keep up with everyone's progress or lack thereof.


Did you know punishment can be more motivating than positive reinforcement? With Fitness Pact, falling short of your goals comes with a price. Choose your own ridiculous penalties or let us concoct one for you. The more comical, the better.

You’ll be torn between wanting to see your friends succeed, or relish in their failure.

About Us

Fitness Pact - the place for people who may pick a six-pack of beer over six-pack abs. We're all about making fitness fun and accessible to anyone, regardless of how fit you may be. Our goal? So while other fitness brands will show you images of professional athletes and tell you they will make you the best you can be, we want to add some joy to your life and maybe make you a little bit better today than you were yesterday.

This is by far the best app my son has ever made
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